We aim to offer students a space for developing their personalities and their individual abilities for successful cognitive growth. We want to respect and be respected. Therefore, our elementary school can have a pedagogical assistant, a school digital coordinator, specialized staff members, a school support team, and a healthcare professional.

Our objective is to bring added value through language education by employing a pedagogue with adequate qualifications. In teaching foreign languages, we will focus on developing linguistic and communicative competence based on a gradual progression of communicative language activities: reception (listening and reading with comprehension), production (oral and written expression), and interaction (oral and written interaction) from the initial level below A1.

We aim to build principles and concepts of informatics, including elementary logic and simple data representation, so that the student, upon completion of the propaedeutic level, can practically create computer programs, choose and use appropriate tools for data manipulation of various types, develop elementary programs, including the creation and handling of web pages, but most of all work safely in the digital environment...

In the area of building science literacy, we will guide students to possess partially developed scientific concepts and be able to provide possible explanations or formulate conclusions from simple observations and controlled basic research activities in familiar situations. We will engage students in playful activities to foster care for our planet and cultivate attitudes of responsible actions towards natural resources and the environment.

We emphasize actively utilizing movement so that students perceive physical activity as an integral part of their daily lives and strive to improve their physical fitness and performance levels. We plan to utilize the school's external spaces for educational purposes and actively engage in educational excursions to the nearby forest park, exploring and discovering the surroundings and the world.


To support the adaptation process of the student from the kindergarten environment to the 1st grade of primary school in the spirit of Christian love and respect for the child's individuality, in collaboration with parents and experts, in accordance with § 60 para. 3 of the School Act. For the 1st grade, we accept children who have turned six years of age and have reached the required school competence



The goal is to build a fundamental, value-based cultural framework for the student's personality


To develop comprehensive and functional literacy in line with the demands of society so that our students can apply it in their everyday lives to fulfil their personal, educational, cultural, and social needs


To build competencies in the areas of communication skills, digital technology utilization, proficiency in both the state language and foreign languages


To build competencies, especially in the fields of natural sciences, humanities, technical sciences, mathematical literacy, financial literacy, reading, physical education and health, competencies for lifelong learning, social competencies, and artistic competencies


To develop manual skills, creative, artistic, and psychomotor abilities, and to foster and complement the skills that the child acquired primarily in the family environment


To strengthen respect for parents and other individuals, for cultural and national values, and traditions of the state of which they are citizens, for the state language, mother tongue, and their own culture


To learn how to control and regulate their behaviour, take care of and protect their health, including healthy nutrition and the environment, and respect universal ethical values


To discover individual talents and abilities of students and encourage their self-confidence in developing their personalities, fully develop the students' ability to share their talents and gifts with the community, and thereby learn to perceive diversity as an opportunity for generosity


To prepare students for life in a way that they become creative and valuable contributors to any environment they encounter


To convey the Catholic faith to students in a natural way through everyday activities