Parents - Our Partners 

The cooperation of parents with the school is an essential prerequisite for the child's better progress.
The whole school team aims to communicate openly with parents and provide opportunities for meetings and community building.
During the school year, we offer a variety of formal and informal activities for getting to know each other.

Activities with the parents

⊃ Count on regular teacher-parent-student meetings
⊃ Collaboration on creative activities together with the children
⊃ Breakfast with the management on the premises of our library
⊃ Library open for parents
⊃ Spiritual retreats for parents
⊃ Activity "Dedicate 3 hours for school"


Our partners

Akadémia rodiny

The goal of the Akadémia rodiny is to strengthen parents in their most important life roles - in marriage and parenthood. Our mission is to empower and support the building of strong families. For over 10 years, we have been offering a program of courses focused on parenting and marriage education.
In addition to courses, we offer participation in a family week-long retreat Rodinné leto and we also engage in publishing activities.
More about Akadémia rodiny HERE.

Kinnarps offers innovative school furniture and flexible interior solutions that have a significant impact on students and school staff, with a strong emphasis on high quality, sustainability, and ergonomics. We analyze the needs of schools and develop accessible learning environments that support education and teaching. Together, we create successful school environments.

The design philosophy is deeply rooted in our DNA since the founding of our company in 1942, in Sweden. We create interior and furniture design solutions that positively impact people's lives. At the heart of this philosophy is a simple combination of aesthetics, functionality, and sustainability. Design creation is our constant driving force – for you and future generations.

Private Elementary Art School, Gagarinova 7, Trenčín 911 01

The Private Elementary Art School in Trenčín is the first among the schools established by Jana Michaličková, the founder of the Kindergarten and School of St. Michael. The Private Elementary Art School, located at Gagarinova 7, Trenčín, successfully educates around 350 children each year in the fields of visual arts and music. Many graduates continue their studies at secondary schools specializing in visual arts, music or pursue higher education in artistic disciplines. Next year, the school will celebrate its 20th anniversary since its establishment.

For the Kindergarten and School of St. Michael, the Private Elementary Art School provides artistic support, personnel, and expert advice in implementing artistic activities. We plan to collaborate on various creative days and exhibitions together.

Cubic Visuals - Video Production

Cubic Visuals provided our school with professionally edited videos, which you can watch on our homepage.